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Basics Of Mobile Phone

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Basics Of Mobile Phone See the basic components of a mobile phone. Components description: RF section Radio frequency transmit and receive component. converts all RF signals for baseband and from baseband to RF section Rx = Receive; Tx = Transmit Ananlog Baseband/Voiceband CODEC Coder/Decoder. Digitalize signals for the DSP and analogized signals for RF. Power […]

Cell Phone Network Technologies

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Cell Phone Network Technologies: 2G Technology There are three common technologies used by 2G cell-phone networks for transmitting information: * Frequency division multiple access (FDMA) * Time division multiple access (TDMA) * Code division multiple access (CDMA) Although these technologies sound very intimidating, you can get a good sense of how they work just by […]

How Cellphone Works ?

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How Cellphone Works ? As a basic Part of a Technician, It is fully advice that he/she must posses a basic knowledge of what technology he or she come up to.. Before we procced further, please take a simple brief to inhanced your knowlegde about the Field of What we are going to discuss hereafter…. […]